How much does painting a car cost?

For most drivers, first of all, the technical condition of the car is important. However, there is a group of users who pay special attention to the appearance of the car. Car body condition is for many a business card of the vehicle owner. In addition, when buying or selling a car, this element, among others, is often important when making the final decision.

All scratches, chips, dents and other signs of use mean that the value of the car decreases. Therefore, it is worth considering painting the vehicle, also when we are going to sell it. How much does painting a car cost?

Varnishing companies offer different ways to deal with car coating repairs. The car owner can choose to paint the whole vehicle or just one element. Alternative solutions, such as foil wrapping, are also available. What expense should you take into account when you decide to cover the car with foil?

How much does painting a car cost – painting a single element?

Most often, car owners decide to paint one element of a vehicle that has been damaged by some event.

This is definitely a cheaper solution than painting the entire car. No matter how many parts of the car you want to paint, it is necessary to choose a good body shop.

Why use a professional body shop?

In the case of such a service as car painting, it is not worth saving, because the quality of the services may later fail to meet our expectations. A professional varnish will properly choose the color of varnish, make the necessary repairs and apply the right way of applying paint, including with shading.

The whole process involves filling in any defects in the body, applying a special primer, base and varnish. The final stage is polishing the putty places.

If the individual stages are poorly performed or omitted, and the paint is applied incorrectly, the color of the newly applied varnish may differ from the unpainted elements. Certainly the car will not look aesthetically pleasing then.

How much does painting a single element cost?

The cost of painting individual parts of a car depends on their type.

For example, painting:

  • roof or bonnet it is about 300-800 zlotys
  • doors – 400 – 500 zlotys
  • mudguard 300 – 500 zlotys

Prices depend on the size of the element and the need for any repairs before painting.

Self-painting of individual car elements

Some people decide to paint the car themselves, but this requires some qualifications and experience. Therefore, the adventure with car body painting is best to start with the practice of painting on fragments of old cars. If something goes wrong, the losses will be small.

Only after mastering the basic skills, you can try to paint a part of your car. However, it should be remembered that even the slightest mistake in art can cause the varnish effect to be mediocre.

It is worth noting that for painting, a properly prepared room is necessary, which must be very clean and tightly protected from the wind. All pollen floating in the air can stick to the wet varnish and thus negatively affect the effect.

So if you do not have patience and manual skills, it is safest to hand the vehicle over to professional painters.

If you paint parts of the car yourself, you should expect a cost of PLN 150-400 for materials.

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