What are the cars that Colombians prefer?

The automotive industry in Colombia continues to grow and sales of both new and used vehicles increase every year as thousands of Colombians are encouraged to fulfill their own car’s dream.

And is that buying the first car represents greater freedoms:

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Go at any time you want to the place you want, take all the bags you want at the time you can think of regardless of whether the bus will be full because you have all the car free! , offer to take parents or grandparents and avoid all the hassle of public transport, and one of the most appreciated, to listen to the music you want during the trip.

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On the other hand, if what you do not know is which car model you can choose, it is good to know what the buying trend of your country is, that is, to know the automobile tastes of Colombians. According to Motor magazine, these are the brands of the best-selling cars in Colombia during the first half of 2014. Chevrolet

It remains at the top in the automotive sector.

The best-selling car in all of Colombia is the Chevrolet Sail model.
This brand also places among its most requested models the Chevrolet Spark GT, Chevrolet Sonic and Chevrolet Spark. Renault. The most requested are Renault Logan (family sedan), Renault Sandero (available in different versions) and Renault Clio. Kia. It is one of the brands that registered the highest growth between 2013 and 2014 and among the Korean brands is the best selling. The best selling model of this brand is Kia Picanto with more than 3600 units, which in turn is the most requested imported model. Hiday


Despite having had a decline in sales volume (with a variation greater than -20%), it is still ranked as one of the preferred brands. Choose the model that suits you, the modality that best suits you (new or used) and finally, the credit with the best rate. For that, Mesaterosaps is the ideal site.

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