Shimo nidan / lower two row verbs

The next most common verb type is taberu (to eat) and the likes: roughly corresponding to the ichidan verbs of modern Japanese.
mizenkei tabe- tabezu
renyoukei tabe- tabetari
shuushikei tabu tabu
rentaikei taburu- taburu mono
izenkei tabure- taburedomo
meireikei tabeyo tabeyo!

Shimo ichidan / lower one row verbs

There is only one verb in classical Japanese that conjugates according to the shimo ichidan pattern: it is keru, to kick.
mizenkei ke- kezu
renyoukei ke- ketari
shuushikei keru- keru
rentaikei keru- keru mono
izenkei kere- keredomo
meireikei keyo keyo!
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