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kimi kozu wa hitori ya nenan sasa no miyama mo
soyo ni sayagu shimoyo wo

"Without your love, I am lying alone in my bed,
on this frosty night, listening as the bamboo leaves rustle..."

Fujiwara no Kiyosuke (1104-1177), SKKS 616.

This poem is a reference to Hitomaru's poem SKKS 900:


sasa no ha ya miyama mo soyo ni midaru nari
ware wa imo omou wakarekinureba

"Deep in the mountains the bamboo leaves rustle...
I am thinking of my loved one, whom I left behind."

Hitomaru's poems is vague on the point if the separation was final, or only temporary, and if it is actually a breakup between them, or just a matter of the circumstances, and they'll meet soon again. Kiyosuke takes the first interpretation, and creates the image of a man whose love is refused, and who went into the deep mountains to hide his passion...

Translation (C) 2007, Zoltan Barczikay.