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aware nari waga mi no hate ya asamidori
tsui ni wa nobe no kasumi to omoeba

Ono no Komachi (825 - 900) SKKS VIII: 758

"Alas, my end is near...
I thought the shallow blueness of the sky
to be haze in the fields"

I am trying to give back the wordplay in this poem. asamidori means "light green/blue", and it is usually meant for the color of the sky. asai also means "shallow", which could refer to the shallowness of our whole life and thinking. Here, what appears as haze in the fields (something the Japanese regarded as very beautiful) turns out to be nothing but the color of the remote sky... In the same way, what we thought was happiness in our life, "in the end" (tsui ni) turns out to be nothing but vanity...

This is my interpretation, Ono no Komachi's style is intentionally obscure. There are many possible translations, pick whichever you like...