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kotoshi yori haru shirisomuru sakurabana
chiru to iu koto wa narawazaranamu

Ki no Tsurayuki (872-945) KKS 49.

Composed when he saw the cherry tree, planted in his garden, to blossom for the first time:

"Now you know the springtime, cherry tree,
I wish you never know the autumn..."

In classical japanese poetry, the opposite of Spring is not Autumn, but the 'end of Springtime', when blossoms scatter. However, it is difficult to give back this contranst in English translation succintly, so I often use 'autumn' instead in my translations. But for the purists, here is an attempt for a more faithful translation:

"From this year on, you know the sprintime, cherry tree...
I wish you would never know the scattering of your blossoms..."